Tony vs. Castle

May 4, 2010

Since I began watching Castle, I have wondered why the character of Rick Castle is just not as appealing as the character of Tony Dinozzo on NCIS.  They seem to be so alike, and yet I am just not as fond of Rick.  So I will attempt to analyse their similarities and differences now, and perhaps get to the bottom of it!

They both…

  • are attractive men (although Tony is the more handsome of the two, but I don’t know whether that is just my bias talking).
  • try to be funny, and sometimes they are.
  • often get shut down by people they work with when they try to make a joke.
  • like strong women, but haven’t had the guts to come right out and say it.
  • are womanizers, much to the chagrin of the strong women in their lives.
  • have tough, no-nonsense bosses.
  • have expensive tastes.


  • Tony is estranged from his parents, while Rick is close to his mother (however, this one could go either way, because Rick doesn’t know who his father is).
  • Tony grew up with money, but now has to work very hard for it.  Not sure if Rick grew up with money, but now he’s making it hand-over-fist (and although writing is work, Rick would tell you how much he loved it).
  • Tony seems to take crime scenes more seriously than Rick.  Rick often makes jokes about how the body is found and likes to make up stories as to how they got that way.
  • Michael Weatherly is from Connecticut (hey, that’s where I’m from!).  Nathan Fillion is from Canada.
  • Tony pokes fun at his co-workers.  Does Rick?

I cannot think of any more differences, and none of the ones above seem to be significant in any way.  So why does Tony appeal more than Castle?  I guess this post was useless after all.

Maybe I’ll post a poll to see what everyone else thinks.


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