The last two episodes of Castle have really showcased the jealousy between the two main characters.  First, on “The Late Shaft”, Beckett does not like the attention that a famous actress is paying to Castle.  The this week on “Den of Thieves”, Castle does not like the attention that Beckett is receiving from a fellow police officer.  We’ve heard the rumors about the upcoming finale, but will the two characters really be together?

On the one hand, they technically do not work together, so it wouldn’t be against the rules (I’m thinking of the romance on The Mentalist).  But on the other hand, do most of the viewers turn in for the mystery or for the possibility of love?

I must hand it to the writers of Castle, because the mystery is always exceptionally good.  In fact, as much as I usually argue for Characterization in Crime Dramas (good title, post forthcoming), the mysteries are what hooked me on the show in the first place.

So we’ll just have to see on May 17.  Yes, they will acknowledge the attraction, but will they do anything about it? (My guess is no.  In fact, I’d be downright surprised if we saw them in a relationship next season.)


From Ask Ausiello:

Question: I’m sad. You haven’t given us any NCIS scoop in ages! Got anything new for me? —Catherine
Remember Tony and Ziva’s big Parisian adventure earlier this season? Well, the show is producing a sequel to air later this season, only this time the stars are Abby and McGee and the setting is Mexico.

Finally!  I’ve been waiting for that for ages!  It better not be as disappointing as Tiva’s “big Parisian adventure”…

The Characters of NCIS

April 13, 2010

NCIS is the top-rated crime drama on television.  But we don’t watch it for the mystery.  We watch it for the characters.  What “Mc” name will Tony come up with this week for McGee?  Will “Tiva” ever happen?  What is with all these women interested in Gibbs, and will he ever end up with any of them?  And most importantly, will something ever happen (or happen again?) between McGee and Abby?  Those are the questions that make me turn in every week, and that’s how it should be.

Too many crime dramas forget the personal aspect of the characters, and that is a mistake.  The crime should just be the backdrop of each episode, instead showcasing the personal interactions and lives of the characters.  NCIS is slowly revealing Gibbs’s life, but they always leave me wanting more about the rest of the cast.  And maybe that’s exactly why they only reveal a little at a time.  It keeps us coming back, and the ratings prove it.

I watch a lot of crime dramas where a sketch by a sketch artist turns out to be the key to identifying/locating/arresting the suspect.  Without a Trace witnesses used to be particularly adept at describing suspects to sketch artists.  Is this really how it works?  Are witnesses really able to describe suspects so perfectly?  Or are sketch artists just really, really good at interpreting guesswork?  Because let me tell you right now, if I had to describe almost anyone – even someone I knew well! – to a sketch artist, they would not get an accurate picture of what the person looked like.  So all you criminals out there, there’s nothing to worry about if I am ever a witness to your crimes!  No one will ever find you because of me!  (Maybe I shouldn’t be admitting to that…)

I can only think of one show where a witness was unable to produce any type of description, and that was an episode of NCIS.  Jimmy Palmer, the assistant ME, saw the murderer and could never describe him afterwards.

Any other examples?  Does anyone know the answers to my questions?