Live Tweeting

May 13, 2011

I’ve seen a lot of “live tweeting” of television stars recently.  From reality hosts like Jeff Probst on Survivor, to late-night hosts like Conan O’Brien, to Abby from NCIS.  My first realization of the implications of this came when I was watching Survivor the day after it aired, and decided to follow Jeff’s tweets at the same time.  Have you ever tried to follow day-old tweets of a TV star, in the timeline in which it makes sense according to the show?  It’s nearly impossible!  And then it hit me: Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are tools that television networks are using in order to get you to watch live!  It’s very clever, and I probably should have realized it sooner.  When I want to know what people are saying about who should be voted off Dancing with the Stars, I go to the Facebook page.  And I will admit, it’s a lot more fun when you are watching it happen at the same time as everyone else!

So far, I’m not obsessed enough with any particular show to have the live tweeting/chatting tempt me into watching it live.  But I could see it happening, and I understand the appeal.  Again, it’s a very clever concept, and it’s making me wonder if the networks do see an upswing in ratings when they offer their stars up as bait.


2010 in review

January 2, 2011

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I have fallen into the trap that ABC has set.  No new programming between Thanksgiving and New Year’s means watching the horrible Skating with the Stars.  I told myself I would not be watching, but I’ve watched it twice already… and it’s only been on twice so far!

I remember when I watched Dancing with the Stars for the first time.  I never thought it would make the cut when I sat down with my grandparents last October.  But by the end, I was hooked!  The dancing was so fun, the stars, though B- and C-list, were at least ones I’d heard of, and the judges and professionals all made the show entertaining.

But I did not experience the same with Skating.  I’ve never heard of even one of the stars, the skating was boring, and the judges were dull.  Very dull.  But there’s just nothing else on TV!  So beggars can’t be choosers, I suppose.

The Classic TV Companion!

November 18, 2010

Before there was IMDB for the TV lover, before the internet, before personal computers… there was the Nick at Nite Classic TV Companion!  OK, that’s a slight exaggeration, because I seem to remember having a computer in my room during those formative years of watching classic television on Nick at Nite.  But if you wanted episode guides to some of those great old shows, you needed this book.

I recently found my well-worn copy and was bemused as to why I would need it at all!  But then I thought about how often I check IMDB on my iPhone to see who’s who in what episode, during what season, and any fun trivia about that episode or person.  So what did I do without it?  Turn to this book, of course!

“Brought to you by the ultimate authority on Our Television Heritage – here is the definitive, entertaining reference to some of TV’s enduring classics.”  Says the back of the book.  Also on there, some quotes from classic TV celebrities, like Bob Newhart, Edward Asner, and Conan O’Brien.  (Wait, what?  Yes!  Conan says, “At last, a book with not too many hard words.”)

I plan on browsing through the book a bit more tonight, then putting it back in the basement with all my other old books.  Maybe someday my children will find it and be really confused as to it’s purpose.

Hawaii 5-0

November 17, 2010

I grew up watching the original Hawaii 5-0 and credit it for keeping me off drugs.  That showed made me think that any time you were high, you thought you could fly right off a cliff!  So of course, you would try and end up dead.  In fact, I’m thinking of bringing my children up on the show, as well!

So the original was good, and I have to say, the remake is much better!  The characters are more fun and much handsomer.  The stories are more interesting (from what I’ve seen).  I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot and consequently set up my DVR to record the season.  But I haven’t gotten around to watching more than two episodes.  Why not?  I’m not sure.  It could be that it’s just a busy (holiday) season for me.  It could be that I’m just not as interested as I was originally.  All I know is that I have yet to watch them, but I have not yet deleted them off my DVR.  They may stay there indefinitely.  If that status changes, I’ll let you know.

No Ordinary Family

November 16, 2010

No Ordinary Family is one of the two new shows I’ve officially added to my line-up.  At first I thought it would be a 30-minute sitcom, but it clearly works better in the 1-hour dramady genre.  I love the characters and think they have good chemistry with one another.  I like the family setting.  Yes, it reminds me of The Incredibles, but I loved The Incredibles!  Sometimes, however, I feel it coming dangerously close to Heroes territory, so I hope it can learn from Heroes‘ mistakes and keep going season after season.

Every new season, I tell myself I will be dropping this show.  And every new season, I get sucked back in.  Why?  Why do I like this show?  What is it that makes it so popular?  I really don’t know.  And I don’t have much to say about it besides my original predictions.  I still seem to be mostly right, except for Brandy, who has been topping the leader boards the past several weeks!  And why, oh, why is Bristol still in this competition?  She seems like a sweet girl, but she is not a performer!  Who continues to vote for her week after week?  Another unanswerable question.

One show I did drop, however, was The Results Show.  I am not missing out on any enjoyment of the show by missing The Results.  Wednesday mornings, I just check online and that’s good enough for me.