The Summer Networks

July 1, 2010

What would we basic-cable-subscribing TV-lovers do in the summer without the USA and TNT networks?  I’ve been living (TV-wise, that is) on reruns until now, and there’s only so much you can write about reruns.  But finally, the USA and TNT summer series have started (or are starting soon), hence a new post!  So here’s my list of shows that I don’t miss, plus a few that I only enjoy occasionally.

  • Royal Pains, USA Network, Thursdays at 10pm.  Not my favorite USA show, but I watch it.  It’s like House-lite.
  • Burn Notice, USA Network, Thursdays at 9pm.  I quit watching this show religiously last season.  I’m not entirely sure why; I guess I just got bored with it.  But I still watch it occasionally.
  • Leverage, TNT Network, Sundays at 9pm. My favorite summer show, hands down! Very satisfying premise: The reformed bad guys help those who have no way to help themselves.  “We pick up where the law leaves off.  We provide Leverage.”  Oh, so good!  Every episode is like Ocean’s Eleven.
  • Memphis Beat, TNT Network, Tuesdays at 10pm. I am watching the pilot episode even as I write this and am as yet undecided as to whether to continue with it.  I tuned into it on for three reasons: I really like Jason Lee, mostly due to My Name Is Earl; I enjoy TNT original crime-dramas; and I wanted to watch something other than baseball.  I’ll probably give it a few more episodes before I pass judgement.  I try not to judge a show by its pilot.
  • Psych, USA Network, season 5 premieres July 14. Always an enjoyable hour of television.
  • Covert Affairs, USA Network, premieres July 13 at 10pm. My watching of this show will be entirely due to the power of advertising.  I like the commercials, so I will give the show a try.
  • The Closer, TNT Network, season 6 premieres July 12 at 9pm. Second best show of the summer (although most people would say it is #1). Every episode is has a very original plot, and the diverse cast provides much comic relief.
  • Rizzoli & Isles, TNT Network, premieres July 12 at 10pm. Another TNT crime-drama, so I’m into it already.

What do you think of the above list?  Are there any that I should add?  And is anyone else loving the USA Network commercials that mix up all our favorite shows and characters?