This Season On TV (For Me)

November 7, 2010

I suppose this post is a long time in coming, but frankly, I’ve just been too busy watching TV to write on this blog! Oh, the irony.  But it’s actually a good thing because I’ve finally decided what shows I’m keeping, adding, and dropping.  So here’s the official list, and I will probably write some explanatory posts for each show in the coming weeks.

Show’s I’m Keeping From Last Season:

  • Desperate Housewives
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Castle
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Rules of Engagement
  • NCIS
  • Glee
  • The Middle
  • Modern Family
  • Survivor
  • The Mentalist
  • Community
  • 30 Rock
  • The Office
  • Saturday Night Live

Shows I Dropped From Last Season:

  • Chuck
  • Dancing with the Stars – The Results Show
  • NCIS: Los Angeles
  • Cougar Town

New Shows I Added to My Line-up:

  • Running Wilde
  • No Ordinary Family

New Shows I Watched Briefly and Dropped:

  • Better With You
  • Hawaii 5-0

Other Shows I’m Watching, Will Start Watching, Or Only Watch Occasionally For Ryan:

  • Conan
  • Masterpiece Mystery
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Mad Men
  • Jeopardy!
  • V

There was a time in the early episodes when I had completely decided to give up on Cougar Town.  But I cannot give up on any show until the end of the season.  Then there is the inevitable cliff-hanger, which usually brings me back for the next season!  In fact, I can’t think of many shows that I started watching from the beginning and then just stopped (especially mid-season!).  But Cougar Town may be the first.

Like the title of this post says, I’m still undecided.  In the beginning, it was pretty bad.  Then it sort of found itself and became more of an ensemble-type show.  That was a good move, because a show about an woman in her forties dating younger men was not going to make it.  But I still can’t get on board with the characters.  And are there really people out there like Jules?  If there are, clearly I do not know any of them, nor do I want to because they are annoying!

I may have a bias in this case, because I want Courtney Cox to be the lovable neurotic I knew on Friends.  But she is not!  She’s just a self-absorbed, wino in her forties.  She seems to love her friends and family, but not enough to take the spotlight off herself once in a while.  So am I committed to watch a whole further season about such a woman, even if there are more characters other than just her?

Here are the pros of the show (why I would keep watching):

  • It’s moderately funny.
  • Sometimes I like Ellie’s character (but really don’t buy her as a new mom)
  • Travis is OK; good foil for his crazy parents
  • I don’t like not watching sitcoms that everybody is talking about

Cons (why I might drop it):

  • It’s pretty stupid most of the time.
  • Jules
  • Laurie
  • Grayson (womanizer who falls for Jules enough to change his ways?  Again, don’t buy it.)
  • Andy
  • Bobby

What are your reasons for watching (or not watching) this show?  Help me to decide whether or not to continue with it.

TV Shows I’m Watching

April 12, 2010

For my first blog post, I am just copying over a post from my personal blog.  Some of the info has changed, but it was my first public admission of loving TV, so I thought posting it on my new TV blog was appropriate.

At the risk of getting the judgmental eye-roll from my father, I would like to share what TV shows that I’m currently watching.  I am really only doing this because I feel the need to post on my blog, but also because I have 82 Google docs and have found that they make excellent blog fodder.  Here are some examples if you don’t believe me: my journal from Indiabooks I’ve read, and my essay on To Kill a Mockingbird.  And that’s just to name a few!  So here’s my list of TV shows I’m currently watching, taken straight out of my Google doc of the same name (and please don’t ask why I keep a doc of them).

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