No Ordinary Family

November 16, 2010

No Ordinary Family is one of the two new shows I’ve officially added to my line-up.  At first I thought it would be a 30-minute sitcom, but it clearly works better in the 1-hour dramady genre.  I love the characters and think they have good chemistry with one another.  I like the family setting.  Yes, it reminds me of The Incredibles, but I loved The Incredibles!  Sometimes, however, I feel it coming dangerously close to Heroes territory, so I hope it can learn from Heroes‘ mistakes and keep going season after season.


I haven’t really decided how I feel about Desperate Housewives this season.  In some ways, it’s been more entertaining than the past few, with the addition of Vanessa Williams (love her!) and the return of Paul Young.  But the individual story lines seem a bit disjointed.  Where are the great, over-arching plot lines that bring us back each week?  The best one this season is Gabby’s daughter mix-up, but even that is just so-so.  And Brie is dating a younger man.  Really?  That’s it?  I think it’s time to get rid of Brie.  Susan’s problems are just sad, and Lynette is dealing with her mother-in-law.  Where are the nosy Susan and sly Lynette?

This is a show I will probably not be dropping any time soon, but I do hope it improves.  But let’s face it, when a show makes it to its seventh season with mostly the same main characters, it’s hard to find new plot lines.  We may be seeing the last (or nearly last) season of this show.

And P.S. When are we going to resolve the cliff-hanger from last season?  Am I remembering correctly that we never saw what happened to the serial strangler?

UPDATE: I wrote this before watching the most recent episode.  The episode was fine, but the ending was great!  Finally, a good twist!

Chuck, This Season

November 8, 2010

Chuck is among the few shows that I dropped this season.  Honestly, I didn’t even finish last season!  I guess Chuck’s new abilities changed the show too much for me.  I can see myself watching it in syndication or online sometime in the future, so it’s not completely off my radar.  But why force myself to watch a show I really have no interest in anymore?

What about you?  Anyone going to try to talk me into restarting?


I Agree about Glee

June 15, 2010

Remember when I said the following (you should, it was only yesterday):

  • Rachel’s mom is incredibly selfish in thinking she can just start over with a new baby and ignore and forget about what she already has. (annoying)
  • Uhm, is adoption really that easy?  You hear about a baby, go see it in the hospital, and take it home with you within 24 hours? (unrealistic)

Well, I wasn’t the only one who felt like this.  Ken Tucker said it much better than I did:

One development sticks in my craw, however. Shelby Corcoran ends up with Beth? After spurning the requests of her real, neglected daughter, Rachel? I couldn’t get past this. It was impossible to fully adore that absolutely adorable baby, knowing that the kid is going to be raised by a woman who spurned her teenage daughter.

Saying that what she really wants is “a house, and a garden, and a dog,” Shelby settles for a newborn, adopted child… when she has her own child, Rachel, upon whom she could lavish some of that love. Strikes me as selfish.

You all (and especially one of you in particular) will be happy to know that I started watching Glee and I finally see what all the fuss is about.  Not only do I immediately have a crush on both Will and Finn, but I have always been such a fan of Jane Lynch and find her character of Sue Sylvestor to be a delightful villain.  And to quote a friend, “It’s so amazing how they always make the music go along perfectly with the plot!  It’s just amazing!”  OK, that’s not a direct quote, but the sentiment is the same and I really agree.  So I look forward to having the whole summer to catch up on season one, not that I will need that long!

There are two complaints I have about the show, however:

  1. I found the “one white dad, one black dad mystery” to be a blatant Arrested Development rip-off and I have no respect for that.
  2. After watching the first couple episodes last night, I found myself wondering if there will be anything on TV (especially prime time) that I will ever allow my children to watch!  Here is a show that is mostly about high school teenagers, so I assume that it will gear towards a younger audience.  But I wouldn’t want my teenager watching a show that has so many sexual references!  I find the show very clever, fun, and the music is amazing, so I am, indeed, hooked.  But what is television prime-time coming to?

As I sit alone in my house, in the suburbs, on a small lane, I wonder what evil is lurking of which I am not aware thanks to the most recent episode of Desperate Housewives.  But even though it scared me a bit, “A Little Night Music” reminded me of what hooked me on DH in the first place.  It had multiple story lines, all of which were exciting and a little scary!  The past several seasons of lackluster mysteries had me wondering if I should continue watching, but I have been hooked once again. What with Bree’s mysterious step-son, Angie’s ghost from the past, and Lynette’s harboring a murderer, this is the most exciting season since its first.  Let’s hope the trend continues.

Hopeless Housewives?

April 16, 2010

After watching a Desperate Housewives rerun today on Lifetime, I thought it was a sign to write my summary post on the show.  It was a particularly good episode: “Bang“.  I think I may have seen it several times at this point, but it still brought me to tears.

I know the term “desperate” with regard to the women on the show usually conjures up images of sex, especially with the not-so-subtle hinting at that with all their publicity photos.  But I would argue that they are called “desperate” because they make the ultimate effort that they can for the good of their husbands, children, and/or their friends even when everything seems lost.

The first season of the show was excellent, both funny and moving, and the mystery aspect was fresh and exciting.  At this point, however, the show is past its peak.  They mysteries are no longer interesting, if not completely predictable.  And what more can these woman handle?  Murder, suicide, gun shot wounds, a plane crash, fires, divorces, being held hostage, a tornado, amnesia… and I’m sure I’m forgetting even more tragedy!

An article I read today, however, promises an exciting end to this, the show’s sixth, season:

Gaby will get dragged into the Angie mystery. “Gaby will end up being Angie’s confidante,” previews [executive producer Bob] Daily. “And she’ll help her out as she tries to get away from her past.” In possibly related news, Daily promises that “someone the audience has gotten to know this season” will perish in the finale.

There are more hints, so keep reading here.