I have fallen into the trap that ABC has set.  No new programming between Thanksgiving and New Year’s means watching the horrible Skating with the Stars.  I told myself I would not be watching, but I’ve watched it twice already… and it’s only been on twice so far!

I remember when I watched Dancing with the Stars for the first time.  I never thought it would make the cut when I sat down with my grandparents last October.  But by the end, I was hooked!  The dancing was so fun, the stars, though B- and C-list, were at least ones I’d heard of, and the judges and professionals all made the show entertaining.

But I did not experience the same with Skating.  I’ve never heard of even one of the stars, the skating was boring, and the judges were dull.  Very dull.  But there’s just nothing else on TV!  So beggars can’t be choosers, I suppose.