Every new season, I tell myself I will be dropping this show.  And every new season, I get sucked back in.  Why?  Why do I like this show?  What is it that makes it so popular?  I really don’t know.  And I don’t have much to say about it besides my original predictions.  I still seem to be mostly right, except for Brandy, who has been topping the leader boards the past several weeks!  And why, oh, why is Bristol still in this competition?  She seems like a sweet girl, but she is not a performer!  Who continues to vote for her week after week?  Another unanswerable question.

One show I did drop, however, was The Results Show.  I am not missing out on any enjoyment of the show by missing The Results.  Wednesday mornings, I just check online and that’s good enough for me.


Dancing Predictions

September 21, 2010

At the beginning of last season of Dancing with the Stars, I wrote a post on Dancing Categories and most of my predictions came true!  So after watching the season 11 premiere last night, I think I need to create the same categories for this season’s stars.

I Like and May Win:
Actress Jennifer Grey.  Her intro was very moving and her dancing was beautiful.  I would love to see Baby win the whole competition!

I Like and Won’t Win:
Quarterback Kurt Warner.  He just seems like a genuinely nice guy and he danced better than I expected, but he probably won’t last too long.
Actor Kyle Massey.  I almost put him in the category above, I thought he was that good!  But he had an easier dance tonight, so it’ll be interesting to see him progress to the harder ones.  But he was very entertaining!
Basketball player Rick Fox.  FOX is right!  Wow!  What a good-looking man!  And surprisingly graceful.  I want him to stick around a little while longer just to watch him.

Time to Say Goodbye:
“Reality” star Audrina Patridge.  She danced well enough, but I found her annoying.
Singer Brandy.  I had a hard time placing her in one of my categories, because she may win and I liked her OK, but not enough to put her in one of the categories above.  This is risky on my part, because she’ll probably in the competition for a while.
Famous-for-her-mother Bristol Palin.  She actually danced better than I expected!  I don’t think she should be the first to go, but she’s not in it for the long-haul.
Actor David Hasselhoff.  Horrible!
Actress Florence Henderson.  I loved The Brady Bunch, but as I watched her dance, I couldn’t stop thinking about how she had an affair with the boy who played Greg!  Why was that on my mind?  No idea!  But she does have great legs!  (non-sequitor, I know)
Comedienne Margaret Cho.  Her dancing was just awful!  And why does Louis always end up with the funny girls?
Singer Michael Bolton.  Dancing was boring.  He could be the first to go for all I care.
“Actor” Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.  No, he needs to be the first to go.

So you think you’re a huge Dancing with the Stars fan?  I think my grandmother has you beat.

This is her scorecard that she updated every week during this past season of the show.

Goodbye, Chad

May 18, 2010

I enjoyed watching Chad on Dancing with the Stars this season.  He has charisma and charm, and it was fun watching his dancing improve!

But now it’s down to the final three (I called it from the beginning!), all of whom are excellent.  I find that I like a different one of them every week.  But who do you want to win?

Vote here!

Goodbye, Niecy

May 11, 2010

This week I decided to turn in for the whole results episode of Dancing with the Stars.  And what do you know?  It was as boring as I thought it would be.  Once again, I wonder why anyone watches any of it but the last 5 minutes, but I did tonight, so I can’t talk.

Niecy leaves us tonight and it’s about time.  She was fun to watch and always made me laugh, but she’s just not the caliber dancer of the others.  Next week will be Chad, who again, is entertaining (not to mention handsome!) but not a good enough dancer for the finals.  And then I don’t know who I want to win among the final three!  They are all amazing dancers and so likable!

So here’s a poll since I can’t decide.  And yes, I took out Chad because I’m that sure he’s leaving next week.

Goodbye, Pam

May 4, 2010

Finally!  I’ve been waiting for this voting-off since the beginning!  You know, it bothered me that Tom Bergeron brought up the “double entendre” issue with Pam, but Pam has just played into it from the start.  “I like to be on top,” she said, among many other things.  It’s like she doesn’t have a personality outside of her body.  It almost makes me sad.

But anyway, it looks like my list of dancing categories from early in the season is coming true.

Go Evan! (And Erin! And Nicole!)

Goodbye, Jake

April 28, 2010

Wait, is Jake even his name?  That just shows how much I cared about whether The Bachelor continued his time on Dancing with the Stars.  Plus, wasn’t it weird how much he seemed to love Chelsie?  And was it just me, or did she not return all the affection?  Maybe after his stint on The Bachelor, he doesn’t understand that all women won’t throw themselves at him.