Live Tweeting

May 13, 2011

I’ve seen a lot of “live tweeting” of television stars recently.  From reality hosts like Jeff Probst on Survivor, to late-night hosts like Conan O’Brien, to Abby from NCIS.  My first realization of the implications of this came when I was watching Survivor the day after it aired, and decided to follow Jeff’s tweets at the same time.  Have you ever tried to follow day-old tweets of a TV star, in the timeline in which it makes sense according to the show?  It’s nearly impossible!  And then it hit me: Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are tools that television networks are using in order to get you to watch live!  It’s very clever, and I probably should have realized it sooner.  When I want to know what people are saying about who should be voted off Dancing with the Stars, I go to the Facebook page.  And I will admit, it’s a lot more fun when you are watching it happen at the same time as everyone else!

So far, I’m not obsessed enough with any particular show to have the live tweeting/chatting tempt me into watching it live.  But I could see it happening, and I understand the appeal.  Again, it’s a very clever concept, and it’s making me wonder if the networks do see an upswing in ratings when they offer their stars up as bait.


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