Glee’s Finale

June 14, 2010

Stuff I loved:

  • Quinn’s delivery set to Vocal Adrenaline’s cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”.  It was very moving.
  • All the Love proclamations. (Finn to Rachel, Will to Emma)
  • Will’s performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.
  • Quinn asking for Mercedes presence in the delivery room.  I’ve enjoyed watching their friendship progress as they’ve helped each other in various ways throughout the season.

Stuff I liked:

  • The Journey medley.
  • Sue Sylvester voting for New Directions.
  • The Quinn/Puck flashback.  I had been wondering how that had happened!
  • Finally!  Sue is done blackmailing the principal!  I was feeling badly for the guy.

Stuff that was weird, annoying, or unrealistic:

  • Though I loved the performance, I thought it seemed forced that Will would sing to the Glee Club.  (weird) It did, however, afford a nice moment for us to see the different relationships that have formed over the season.
  • They only got to sing one song!  What about all the other songs/dances they had worked so hard on through the rest of the year?  (annoying.  So annoying, in fact, that I had to tell myself that we only saw their finale performance and they actually did perform a few more, just to calm myself down about it!)
  • Olivia Newton John’s character: Olivia Newton John.  (weird)
  • Having journey stuck in my head for days afterward. (annoying)
  • Sue as a judge?  Really?  They wouldn’t have allowed that. (weird)
  • Rachel’s mom is incredibly selfish in thinking she can just start over with a new baby and ignore and forget about what she already has. (annoying)
  • Uhm, is adoption really that easy?  You hear about a baby, go see it in the hospital, and take it home with you within 24 hours? (unrealistic)

What about you?  What would you add (categories or otherwise)?


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