Finding the Joy in Glee

May 31, 2010

You all (and especially one of you in particular) will be happy to know that I started watching Glee and I finally see what all the fuss is about.  Not only do I immediately have a crush on both Will and Finn, but I have always been such a fan of Jane Lynch and find her character of Sue Sylvestor to be a delightful villain.  And to quote a friend, “It’s so amazing how they always make the music go along perfectly with the plot!  It’s just amazing!”  OK, that’s not a direct quote, but the sentiment is the same and I really agree.  So I look forward to having the whole summer to catch up on season one, not that I will need that long!

There are two complaints I have about the show, however:

  1. I found the “one white dad, one black dad mystery” to be a blatant Arrested Development rip-off and I have no respect for that.
  2. After watching the first couple episodes last night, I found myself wondering if there will be anything on TV (especially prime time) that I will ever allow my children to watch!  Here is a show that is mostly about high school teenagers, so I assume that it will gear towards a younger audience.  But I wouldn’t want my teenager watching a show that has so many sexual references!  I find the show very clever, fun, and the music is amazing, so I am, indeed, hooked.  But what is television prime-time coming to?

2 Responses to “Finding the Joy in Glee”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Finally… 😀

  2. Steven Says:

    I don’t see what audience they’re gaining with all the sexual references, but they’re certainly losing the family crowd that doesn’t want their 8-12 year olds to watch it. It all just seems unnecessary.

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