Live-blogging LOST: May 18, 2010

May 18, 2010

Lost is becoming an important enough show at this point that during tonight’s episode (and all those to come), I have decided to do a live-blog.  Join me at 9pm as we start to watch “What They Died For”.

Major spoilers after the jump!!

9pm More blood.  He saw the same blood on the plane.
9:01 Still don’t know who the mom is… Will it be Julie Bowen?  Could Jack have had the same kid without the same mother?
9:02 How did Desmond know about the missing body?

On a personal note, I have gone to great lengths to watch this episode live tonight!  My house was perhaps one out of three houses in the entire state to lose power.  So my husband and I jumped in the car and traveled the miles and miles to my parents’ house in order to watch.   OK, it’s not miles and miles, but it was more effort than just turning on our own TV.  That’s how much we love this show.

9:07 Only four of our original characters left.
Is he going to hit him again!?
9:08 Ben is starting to remember!  When did Desmond beat up Ben?
9:10 Was that whole bit about Alex significant?
9:11 I think we all had it figured that they were the ones that planted the bomb on the plane.

My husband just mentioned that he doesn’t remember who knows who, who knows what, and how people know each other.  Too many things have happened and changed.  I look forward to re-watching the entire series someday.  But will it be any clearer once I know the ending?  Somehow I doubt it.

9:17 OK, nevermind what I said above!
9:19 Desmond was trying to get John Locke to let go?  Let go of what?
I love Desmond!
When will we see Juliet again?
9:20 How convenient!  Now he just needs to beat up Sayid (yeah, right) and Kate (in the other cell).
9:21 I always enjoy Jack and Sawyer scenes, because they were always at conflict but I just want them to be friends and work together.
9:23 “We’re very close to the end, Hugo.” Sad!

9:28 Miles will know Ben’s last words.  But why the walkie?
9:29 Why does it seem like this is the end of Richard?
OK, maybe because it is!
9:30 We never know what side Ben is on!
9:32 Aww will Ben find love with Danielle?
9:34 Has Ben really gone bad?  I guess he never trusted Widmore!
9:36 I thought Ben had been redeemed through Ilana’s forgiveness.
9:37 Will we really hear what they died for???

In the penultimate episode, are we really going to get an answer?
My husband says no, despite the episode’s title.

9:44 John Locke is putting the pieces together!  Jack was last week, too.  I love it!
And I love seeing the old John Locke.
9:45 Jack, you know it’s more than just coincidence!
9:48 So if they can kill the monster, perhaps none of them have to stay on the island forever?

But if that’s the case, what was the “mother” protecting the light from?  I guess there were people on the island while she was there.

9:55 I feel so badly for Jack, that he is taking on this burden.
9:57 Ana-Lucia! I never thought she’d let a prisoner escape!  Except she did kill a man, so…
9:59 Wow! Desmond is a man with a plan!  But what is it?!
10:01 Desmond is a fail-safe? Why does he care about destroying the island?

Is it just me, or did they choose the freakiest voice ever for the preview of Sunday’s episode?


2 Responses to “Live-blogging LOST: May 18, 2010”

  1. Julie Baylor Says:

    Haha- I just LOVED this! I actually read it an hour after I finished watching it. But I totally agreed with you on so many things -namely the creepy witch voice for Sunday’s preview 😉 – Thanks for doing this -fun!

  2. Renee Says:

    Hey….where are you?!!! It’s the FINALE!!!

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