And the winner is Russell!

May 18, 2010

Oh wait.  Nevermind. I had that wrong.

But I don’t think anyone watching those angry jurors on Survivor Sunday night would have really believed Russell would win the game this season.  They just hadn’t let go of the anger enough yet to vote for a conniving manipulator like Russell.

Russell suggests that America should vote, along with the jury members, and like Jeff said: That is not this game.  But I have another suggestion.  Instead of America voting, let’s give the jury members time to get over their anger and be able to look at the season more objectively.  And what would give them more objectivity?  Time.  Only time will help them to let go of their anger and the contestants in the final and allow them to vote on who they really think should win.  I would suggest that instead of voting while they are still out in some remote location, let the voting actually take place during the live reunion show.  This would give them all time to watch the season, and perhaps separate themselves from any injustices they feel they endured.

But perhaps that’s “not this game” either.  Maybe the anger and the injustices are supposed to play into the vote.

Either way, I’ll keep watching.  This show is about human nature, good vs. evil, and living with the consequences of our choices and our actions.  Or like J.T. said, “I made my bed and now I can lie in it.”


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