Read these comments.

May 11, 2010

For those of you with extra time on your hands (and the corresponding interest in LOST), read the PopWatch article posted tonight and then the comments that follow.  There are some really good points and questions raised!  Honestly, I wish I could just copy most of them here, but instead I’ll just link.  If you read carefully, you’ll see several of my comments as well!

Update: Among all the amazing and well-thought out questions and thoughts put in the comments of the above mentioned PopWatch article, I had to put this comment in here from KSpork:

Maybe his [Jacob’s brother] name is Voldemort and THAT is why nobody can say it.


One Response to “Read these comments.”

  1. Julie Baylor Says:

    I LOVE that comment from KSpork – haha – just too funny 🙂

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