Live-Blogging LOST: May 11, 2010

May 11, 2010

Lost is becoming an important enough show at this point that during tonight’s episode (and all those to come), I have decided to do a live-blog.  Join me at 9pm as we start to watch “Across the Sea”.

Major spoilers after the jump!!

9pm  Who is this now? ooo Man in Black’s mama??
9:03 They are in the caves.  Are they “Adam and Eve,” the skeletons at the caves?
“Every question will simply lead to more questions.”  That about sums everything up.
9:05 OK, Jacob’s mama, apparently.  Nevermind.  It’s a Jacob and Esau situation.
9:06 What? Why did Allison Janney do that?

9:09 Well, there’s an answer.  Isn’t the kid Jacob the one that Locke has been seeing in the forest?
9:12 Why won’t he ever have to worry about death?
9:14 “What reason?” Answer him already!!

9:21 Ok, here’s another manifestation that is clearly not Smokey…
The Man in Black can see dead people.
9:25 I thought they couldn’t hurt each other.
So far, I am unimpressed.

Confused.  Remembering the scene where Jacob wants more people to come to the island for progress’s sake, but the Man in Black resists.  Doesn’t seem within their respective characters that we are seeing tonight.  What makes them change?  And how does the MiB become Smokey?

9:34 This conversation answers my first question above.
9:39 Why does she love him more than Jacob?

I don’t like this episode.  Jacob seems stupid and willing to follow whatever his “mother” says.  The “mother” seems evil, even though she is protecting the light.  And what is the light?  Is the light, life?  Or what gives life?  The Man in Black seems like the only intelligent one of the three of them.  I was hoping he would be Evil Incarnate and Jacob was the angel in charge of keeping him in his Island Jail.  But more and more, the entire show seems like just one long fight between brothers.

9:46 He gave that wine to Man in Black, didn’t he?
“Take the cup and drink.”
9:49 Did Jacob kill all these people?

9:59 Did the “light” go into the MiB?  Does Jacob have to protect him now?  I have to say, Jacob isn’t coming off so well here.
9:59 So the skeletons were the MiB and the mother.  Brother vs. brother is now Jack vs. Locke, as we always knew it would be.  But I guess now we are left wondering, if the MiB died, who or what is the Smoke monster and why does it look like Jacob’s brother?

I have to say, if it turns out that the Smoke Monster is just taking the form of that brother, I’d be much happier.  Because in this episode, I am much more sympathetic towards the brother than I am to Jacob!  Perhaps, with the body of the MiB, the “light” was provided with a form.  And since the “light” is life and death, it needs to be kept on the island by Jacob.

Just as confused as ever and left much less interested than I was last week.  Not that I’ll stop watching now!  Join me next week as we watch “What They Died For”.  I assume they are speaking of Jin, Sun, Sayid, and Lapidus.  But perhaps particularly Sayid, who died leaving Jack with a mission.

Check back tomorrow when I share quotes from articles across the web regarding tonight’s episode.


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