Live-blogging LOST: May 4, 2010

May 4, 2010

Lost is becoming an important enough show at this point that during tonight’s episode (and all those to come), I have decided to do a live-blog.  Join me at 9pm as we start to watch “The Candidate”.

Major spoilers after the jump!!

9pm “A candidate for what?” That sure is the question.
9:02 We still don’t know what caused his paralysis in this timeline.
Did John Locke know him from some flashes in his near-death experience?
Kinda wish they had done a “last week on…” because it’s been 2 weeks and I don’t really remember everything!
9:03 But Kate is on some list…
9:04 Sawyer and Kate back in the cages.

Ad break: Iron Man 2 looks good, even though I haven’t seen 1.  Why doesn’t John Locke want to be healed?  Why doesn’t he want to tell what happened to him?  Why are there new questions with only a few episodes to go??

9:08 Bernard is back!  “Pretty weird, huh?”
9:09 Why can’t I remember who Anthony Cooper is!?
9:11 John Locke’s father!  It just came to me.
9:14 “I’m with him.”  Is Jack really with Smokey?  He’s more caught in the middle, actually.
9:19 I love Jack/Sawyer moments, no matter how brief they are.  And I love that Jack has come around to his duty to the island.  He just seems to have much more depth now.
9:22 Why did he just take that watch?  And who built those stairs up to the airplane?
9:23 Is it just me or was JL’s scar gone this time?
9:25 Why would Jack even help?  Is it really because he’s doing this for his friends?  Or is he just scared he will be killed?

9:30 “Push the button.  I wish you had believed me.” Sounds like it’s going to be significant.
9:31 Jack is seeing all the weird coincidences… but what does it all mean?
I’ve been waiting for someone to start seeing all the coincidences since season 1!
9:36 Oh my goodness!  That was a good line!  “John Locke told me I needed to stay.” POW!
9:37 Why? What’s on the sub??
9:38 He wants to kill all the candidates!  Surface, surface, surface!

Wow, I am all stressed out, so that must mean it’s a good episode.

9:46 OH MY GOODNESS. Sayid IS a good man!
9:48 Everyone is trying to save everybody else.  Are the Kwons going to die!?
9:51 Now we know why they didn’t give the Jin and Sun more time together in their reunion.

I am now completely emotionally drained.  I remember reading somewhere that Jin and Sun were not in the original script for the pilot, but Yunjin Kim impressed them so much with her audition, they wrote in a part for her.  I guess that should have warned me that she would die in the end.

I think my assumption from two weeks ago was correct: Jack is the candidate.  But even so, if I were in Sawyer’s shoes, I don’t think I would have trusted him on that regard either.

From the beginning of the season, wasn’t there a shot of the submarine at the bottom of the ocean?  Or was it just the island?

9:57 He was in a plane crash?  What a coincidence!  Interesting role reversal: John is the reason for his dad’s handicap in this timeline, instead of vice versa.
9:58 “What happened, happened” is a title of one of the previous episodes.

The stupid “scenes from next week” didn’t show any new scenes!  They are stingier than ever as we close in on the finale.

Best episode of the season: very emotional and action-packed.  Next week’s episode is “Across the Sea”.  Unlike most episode titles, it doesn’t give us any clues that I can think of.  Maybe a Desmond episode because he’s at the other island?  And speaking of Desmond, why couldn’t Sayid just have told Jack it was Desmond!  Why just say “there is a man”?

Check back tomorrow when I share quotes from articles across the web regarding tonight’s episode.


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