HIMYM: “Twin Beds”

May 4, 2010

Anyone else think of JD from Scrubs with any mention of the appletini?  Apparently I am not the only one.  Read Slate’s Brow Beat blog for their HIMYM Shame Index.  I found this week’s particularly humorous.

They ask the following question:

A question for Shame Index readers: How do we feel about Don? The Index was skeptical from the start, but confesses that Don comported himself well last night. Almost too well—remember how buffoonish he was when we first met him? All of a sudden, he seems so … pants-wearing.

And while I was about to leave a comment with my answer, I realized I would have to login to do so.  Too much work to make a login for yet another website!  So I will leave my comment right here in this post, instead:

I really like Don and wouldn’t mind seeing Robin end up with him permanently.  But yes, he’s a totally different character than he was at first.  In fact, I like to pretend that first part never happened.  It was silly and I don’t believe he would change that drastically in such a short time.  That should be in the Shame Index!  Shame on the writers for not thinking ahead, especially in a show all about the flashback!  We (the audience) notice that type of thing, appreciate when it’s done well (hello, Arrested Development fans!), and grimace when it’s done poorly.


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