Live-blogging LOST: April 20, 2010

April 20, 2010

Lost is becoming an important enough show at this point that during tonight’s episode (and all those to come), I have decided to do a live-blog.  Join me at 9pm as we start to watch “The Last Recruit”.

Major spoilers after the jump if you haven’t watched this episode already!

9:01pm  Why does he care more about Jack coming than the rest?
9:02 Does he know he’s not John Locke?  Oh, nevermind, he does.  But he doesn’t know he’s smokey.
9:02 Another answer!  You have to be dead for Smokey to look like you (and your body on the island, apparently)
9:05 What did JL see in his near death experience??  How does Sun know JL??
9:07 Claire is freaky!

What a second… Smokey has appeared as Walt, and he’s not dead.  But I’m guessing that is something that’s not going to be explained.

9:10 LOL @ Anniken (sp.?); LOL @ “You look great”
9:11 This episode is different – not about one person in particular.  It’s better this way.
9:12 Wow, Sawyer is perceptive. Wow, so is Kate.
9:13 All the stories are intercepting.  Love it!
9:22 If I were Claire, I’d be a little freaked out at this point.  Even though it’s Desmond…
9:23 Does Ilana know she’s in the wrong timeline?  The dead people in the flash-sideways seem to know.
9:25 Jack following Sawyer’s orders!

This episode is called “The Last Recruit.”  Who is it talking about?  Is it a John Locke recruit?  Or is a recruit to be a candidate?

9:30 “What did he offer you?” How does Desmond know?
9:31 So Locke brought Sayid back from the dead?  And I’m assuming Claire as well.
9:35 I’m surprised Kate agreed so easily to leaving Claire behind.  Will Jack be as likely to do that?
9:36 This is it, Jack!  Make your move!
9:38 I love it that they are all together, here.

Maybe Claire is “The Last Recruit”?

9:45 She’s still gathering all the candidates together!
“Do you believe in fate?”
9:47 John Locke needs a spinal surgeon.
9:49 Jack is sounding so wise.
9:50 Kate, GO!

Is Jack the One?  He’s the only candidate willing to stay and protect the island.

9:55 Sun had a near death experience.  What did she see?
9:58 “I think I know this guy.”
9:59 FINALLY!!!

Jack is John Locke’s Last Recruit, I guess.  But John Locke doesn’t know Jack isn’t joining him.

Next week’s episode is “The Candidate”.  Who wants to guess that it’s Jack?

Check back tomorrow when I share quotes from articles across the web regarding tonight’s episode.


2 Responses to “Live-blogging LOST: April 20, 2010”

  1. […] agree!  It does not explain everything, especially as I mentioned in my live-blog, what about the manifestations of Walt?  And I never even thought of Christian appearing to Jack […]

  2. […] think my assumption from two weeks ago was correct: Jack is the candidate.  But even so, if I were in Sawyer’s shoes, I don’t […]

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