Hopeless Housewives?

April 16, 2010

After watching a Desperate Housewives rerun today on Lifetime, I thought it was a sign to write my summary post on the show.  It was a particularly good episode: “Bang“.  I think I may have seen it several times at this point, but it still brought me to tears.

I know the term “desperate” with regard to the women on the show usually conjures up images of sex, especially with the not-so-subtle hinting at that with all their publicity photos.  But I would argue that they are called “desperate” because they make the ultimate effort that they can for the good of their husbands, children, and/or their friends even when everything seems lost.

The first season of the show was excellent, both funny and moving, and the mystery aspect was fresh and exciting.  At this point, however, the show is past its peak.  They mysteries are no longer interesting, if not completely predictable.  And what more can these woman handle?  Murder, suicide, gun shot wounds, a plane crash, fires, divorces, being held hostage, a tornado, amnesia… and I’m sure I’m forgetting even more tragedy!

An article I read today, however, promises an exciting end to this, the show’s sixth, season:

Gaby will get dragged into the Angie mystery. “Gaby will end up being Angie’s confidante,” previews [executive producer Bob] Daily. “And she’ll help her out as she tries to get away from her past.” In possibly related news, Daily promises that “someone the audience has gotten to know this season” will perish in the finale.

There are more hints, so keep reading here.


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