Au Revoir, Betty

April 15, 2010

“Ugly Betty was one of the most beautiful, provoking, delightful dramedies to hit network television in the past decade.” Says Tanner Stransky, who wrote a very sweet obituary (of sorts) for the show.

After just watching the series finale of one of the sweetest shows on television, I just had to write about it!  Ugly Betty was such a perfect mix of real life and the ridiculous; it was a dramady in the truest sense of the word.  It made you feel like good people could still prosper in this world.  And I’m sad a show like that couldn’t gain a larger audience.

I love that everyone had their happy ending.  I realize it’s not realistic, but I have always argued that when I watch TV, I don’t want realism!  I have enough of that in real life!  I want comedy, entertainment, sweet moments, and happy endings.  And that is what I got in the finale of Ugly Betty.

I really appreciate the “open to interpretation” ending between Daniel and Betty.  Yes, the romantic in me wishes there had been a passionate kiss at the end, but I understand that the characters need time to get to know each other out of the office setting.  I wish Betty had been more excited to see Daniel, but I have no doubt that she loves him.  (And, the ending made my predictions partly right!)

And everyone else got what they had always wanted: Wilhelmina got Mode, and, more importantly, back together with Connor; Amanda met and made a relationship with her father; Marc grew up, got promoted and a boyfriend; Hilda got her dream life with Bobby and their own place in Manhattan; Justin is happy with who he is and not ashamed; and Ignacio has the bathroom to himself for once!

I agree with so many others out there that there were still a lot of stories that could have been told, but perhaps that’s why there are so many rumors of an Ugly Betty movie?  Unfortunately, however, as any Arrested Development or Veronica Mars fan knows, a rumor is just a rumor and may not mean anything!  But we can hope, right?  Some of us are still waiting for that Daniel/Betty kiss!

One final thought: I loved the removal of “Ugly” from the title in the final scene.  There’s no question that Betty has turned into a beautiful woman (and America Ferrera always was one)!  It seemed appropriate to acknowledge that. Betty is no longer Ugly.  She’s just Betty.


3 Responses to “Au Revoir, Betty”

  1. NANsee Says:

    I’m very happy that Daniel was able to let her go to London, I feel like Betty is finally going to be able to do what she has wanted to do her whole life. Of course, she could not have been the person she is today without Mode and the people at Mode definitely wouldn’t be the people that they are now without her.

    Also, I’m really glad that Daniel is going to start over. Betty was such a good inspiration for him. I really did hope that someone would happen between them, but I’m really hopping that something more comes about. If not, I’m still happy with the way they closed off the series.

    • Amy Says:

      Wouldn’t it be fun to see a movie about what Daniel ends up doing? Does he actually get the job as Betty’s assistant? Would he actually be good at that? =) And what happens with their relationship? He’s proved that he can love a woman and be committed to her (with Molly) so I think he and Betty have a real shot at it. I’m really, really hoping there will be a movie!

  2. NANsee Says:

    Me too! I hope something more comes about for this show. I definitely think that it would be great to see what Daniel does, he’s FINALLY starting over and doing something that’s more for himself. Betty was such a huge inspiration for that [it’s because she has “big balls”]. I really did love his relationship with Molly and I think Betty would definitely be the right fit for him. She does have an idea that Daniel likes him because of Claire giving her hints. So maybe she’ll start to realize she has feelings for him. Betty is so far away from her family and Daniel actually deciding to stay in London makes it perfect because it’s her one connection back to her old life.

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