Lovely Betty

April 13, 2010

I have loved Ugly Betty for the past four years.  As a remake of the Columbian telenovela “Yo Soy Betty, la fea”, it has a definite soap opera feel, and yet it is so funny!  Betty is sweet and smart, and showed how a smart girl with drive and ambition could make it even if she didn’t look the part.  And I always appreciated the comparison of the rich family of Meade to the poor but loving family of Suarez.  I am sorry to see the show end.

There is a lot of talk in the cybersphere about who Betty will end up with.  I wouldn’t call myself a “Detty” shipper per se, but I have enjoyed watching Daniel start to look at Betty a bit differently.  And I wouldn’t hate to see them together in the end; they are good for each other.  But I suspect that the network is hinting at the relationship only to have it not happen.  It just seems a little too obvious at this point!  “I can’t live without you,” Daniel says in the latest ad for the finale.  And by the looks of this picture, Daniel follows Betty to London!  But still, I’m hesitant to believe it.

(But thank you, thank you, thank you to the writers for making it not work with Henry!  He is not the man for her!)

So goodbye, Betty!  I wish you could have been on longer, but I’m anxious to see how you end tomorrow.


3 Responses to “Lovely Betty”

  1. NANsee Says:

    I have to agree, I loved Ugly Betty right from the start. I love her character, she always made you feel that you could do something with your life no matter what. Watching her go through life and learning from everything made her into the strong person that she is.

    I’m really all for her being with Daniel, I feel like they’ve grown so much with each other. She’s definitely been one of the more positive people in his life. Also, I think the network was trying to figure out a way to tie all the loose ends and make sure they answered all the questions that are out there.

    I will truly miss this show!

    • Amy Says:

      You’re so right! I haven’t watched the series finale yet (about to watch it now) but I suspect that all the loose ends will be tied up and everyone will be happier than they were in the beginning of the show. That may not be real life, but I like it in fiction!

  2. […] been more excited to see Daniel, but I have no doubt that she loves him.  (And, the ending made my predictions partly […]

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