Live-blogging LOST: April 13, 2010

April 13, 2010

Lost is becoming an important enough show at this point that during tonight’s episode (and all those to come), I have decided to do a live-blog.  Join me at 9pm as we start to watch “Everybody Loves Hugo”.

Major spoilers after the jump if you haven’t watched this episode yet!

First observation, before even starting the episode, is the the title: “Everybody Loves Hugo”.  If you will recall, there was an episode in season two entitled “Everybody Hates Hugo”.  Evidently tonight we will see why Hurley claimed to be the “luckiest guy in the world” in the flash-sideways (as opposed to believing he is cursed).

9:01 Is this a funeral for Hugo?  Oh, a fundraising event.
9:02 Dharma guy doesn’t look any older.  Shouldn’t he be like 80 now?
9:04 So far this episode is as boring as any other Hugo episode.  Where’s Desmond?  Miss him.
9:05 Uggg and now Michael?  Why not someone a bit more likable?
Looks like ABC learned its lessen with all the backlash re: that huge V countdown last week!
9:09 Rosalita is Libby? Nevermind.
9:11 Looks like maybe love can transcend the flashes.
9:12 WOAH!  Did Ilana just die?!
My husband and I thought she might be Ben’s love interest.  I guess we were wrong!
9:15 Why did Desmond so willingly go with Sayid?  Is he still flashing back and forth between consciousnesses?
9:20 What’s in the bag that made Hurley change his mind about going to the Black Rock?  Was Michael lying?
9:20 There he is!!  Finally! I guess he’s here to spread the word!
9:22 Desmond’s order number is 42!
The Ford commercials are making me want a Ford.  I hate effective advertising; it makes me spend money.
9:31 That doctor has always had that picture of the island in his office, if I remember correctly.
9:34 IMO the flash-sideways are What Might Happen If…  John Locke succeeds?
9:36 Who’s the kid?  Same kid as last time?  He looks older.  And why can they both see him?  I thought all the manifestations on the island were Smokey.  But this wasn’t a manifestation if they both could see him.
9:38 Is Jacob really there?  Or is it Michael?  And what if Michael is lying?
9:38 “Everything”?  Why can’t Richard specify what’s over?  We can guess it’s life as they know it.
9:39 Oh no!  All the candidates are going right to John Locke!  I guess Kate was wrong when she said it wasn’t likely to happen.  But I think it wasn’t actually Jacob talking to Hurley, but was probably Michael.  Why does Hugo just trust any dead person that comes to him?  Can dead people not lie?
9:45 Jack is learning.
9:46 He knows what the whispers are?  And of course he doesn’t enlighten the rest of us.
9:46 An ANSWER!!  The whispers are the dead who aren’t allowed to move on because of what they did in this life.
9:47 Awww, they were supposed to have a picnic the day she died.
9:49 The more I see, the more I think love is the answer to all this.
9:50 Desmond is everyone’s guardian angel.
Evangeline Lilly gets more time in this commercial than she has in this episode. (Comment courtesy of my husband.)
9:55 Is that the well where the wheel is?
9:56 We’re all looking for answers.
9:57 Saw that coming from a mile away!
9:58 Yay!  I love it when they are all together again!
9:59 She still is not back with Jin!  Poor Sun!
John Locke just looks too happy for this to be a good thing.
10:00 I forgot that John Locke taught at the same school as Ben.  (Remember in the first season when we began to see connections in the flashbacks among all the characters?  It’s reminding me of that again; so many connections between the passengers that we can see and they can’t.)
Was Desmond trying to kill him, or just give him a near death experience?  Did he somehow know that “John Locke” just tried to kill him in the other life?  What does John Locke see in his near death experience?  He didn’t have a love on the island, so who would he see?  Perhaps he’d see himself walking?

Pretty good episode overall, even if not the most exciting one of the season.  There are definitely things happening, questions being answered, and we can see pieces falling into place.  Can’t wait for next week’s episode entitled “The Last Recruit”.  Check back tomorrow when I share quotes from articles across the web regarding tonight’s episode.


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