“Dancing” Categories

April 13, 2010

Before I continue with my summaries, I want to comment quickly on last night’s Dancing with the Stars.  In my summary of my impressions of the show, I wrote that I liked Evan Lysacek, the figure skater; Nicole Scherzinger, the pussycat doll; and Chad Ochocinco, the football player.  But after watching last night’s episode, I would like to amend that and put everyone into three categories: Those I like and may win, those I like and probably won’t win, and those that just need to go.

I like and May Win:
ESPN host Erin Andrews. She just seems so nice and down-to-earth.  I just really like to watch her dance.
Olympic skating champion Evan Lysacek.  It doesn’t seem fair.  Doesn’t he do the same thing, only on ice?  But he is an amazing dancer, so I think he has a chance to win.
Pop Star Nicole Scherzinger.
Her dance this week was just lovely, and I think the judges were a little hard on her because they see her potential.

I like and Won’t Win:
Soap star Aiden Turner. He just seems like a nice guy.  Plus he’s gorgeous and has an accent.  I just want to be able to keep watching him (maybe I should turn into All My Children)!
NFL star Chad Ochocinco. What a flirt!  He’s handsome and entertaining, so keep him around ’til the end!
Comedienne and host
Niecy Nash.  She seems sweet and is definitely funny!  She’s part of the entertainment of the show.

Time to Say Goodbye:
Actress and model Pamela Anderson.  I can’t take it anymore!  Get voted off already!
TLC star Kate Gosselin.  Kate, I feel bad for you with your whole custody battle, but you’re not a dancer, so just get off the show and deal with your life.
Bachelor star Jake Pavelka.  I have a grudge against any Bachelor.  I think they are pervs.

So there’s my take on who’s left.  Let’s see if my predictions remain true ’til the end.


2 Responses to ““Dancing” Categories”

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