Rules of MENgagement…

April 12, 2010

…cuz, let’s face it, we watch it for the men of the show, not the women.

Rules of Engagement is a trivial show, which is perhaps why it only gets half-seasons.  There just isn’t much of a purpose to it.  But every year I’m excited to find it has been renewed because it is funny.  Sure, David Spade’s character is basically a rich version of his “Just Shoot Me” character, but the interplay between him and the two couples works well.  And Puddy’s in it, ’nuff said.

Again, this probably won’t be a show I write about much.  But I watch it.  And I wanted you to know that I watch it.

Maybe I’ll do a daily (or weekly) summation post of shows I watched but didn’t write about, just in case someone has something to say about one of them.  And now you can say you were there when this amazing idea was born!


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