How I Feel about How I Met Your Mother

April 12, 2010

I wasn’t going to post again today because I’m watching TV and didn’t feel like writing at the same time.  (Please don’t ask me why I didn’t just turn the TV off and write instead.)  But ever since grade school, I could write and have the TV on at the same time, so having it on is no excuse not to write!

Before I actually start writing my impressions on shows, I thought I’d summarize my thoughts on the list that I posted previously with a post on each show (plus some that aren’t on that list).

So I’ll start at the beginning of the week with How I Met Your Mother.

In my last post, I said it had lost some of its fun.  I should clarify.  It is still really fun!  It’s just that I’ve been re-watching season one, and it was so fun and innovative and different, yet comfortable and familiar (read: Friends).

I love shows that are consistent, especially when dabbling in flashbacks (and even some flash forwards!), and HIMYM is the master of the flashback.  I could name so many shows that seemed so lazy when flashing backwards that even a not-so-ardent fan could pick out the inconsistencies.  So far, that is not the case with HIMYM, and I appreciate that.  It shows a lot of foresight on behalf of the writers.  (Maybe as I’m re-watching the seasons all the way through, I’ll catch some, and if I do, I’m sure I’ll post it here.)

When I first started watching it, I remember thinking, what a clever concept!  And it really was a clever concept, but a hard one to sustain for a TV show that has the potential to reach a good number of seasons.  Is it my imagination, or have we seen less of the kids in the beginning of each show?  Perhaps that is because they are trying to turn our attention from the meeting of the mother, to just caring about all the characters and their respective stories.  Or perhaps it’s just because the kids are actually starting to grow up and we couldn’t have them aging in what is supposed to be just one sitting.  (Or maybe it’s been more than one sitting at this point.)  If it is the latter, shouldn’t they have just taken some stock footage at least to have on hand for the finale?

So those are just some of my musings on the show in general.  I may write more on each specific show, but I won’t write if I don’t have anything to say about it.

Oh, and just so you know, it turns out that I did have to mute the TV in order to finish this post.  I guess I’ve lost my touch.


One Response to “How I Feel about How I Met Your Mother”

  1. […] I am torn about the new Chuck.  I love that the show evolved, and allowed its main character to change so much.  Too often shows are reluctant to allow their characters to evolve because they are afraid of losing their audience, and that is a shame.  Unfortunately, while I applaud the creators/writers for the changes this season, I’ve also lost a bit of interest.  I never quit a show mid-season, but we no longer watch it live, opting instead for How I Met Your Mother. […]

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