Dancing with the “Stars”

April 12, 2010

Let me be frank.  I watch this show because my mom watches it and on Tuesdays when I visit her house it’s one of the only things on the DVR.  But I probably don’t have to make excuses for watching it since it recently beat out American Idol as the highest rated show on television.  Apparently my mom and I are not the only ones watching!

And to be honest, it has me hooked.  Last season, I was visiting my grandparents and watched one episode and had to continue.  This season, I was not going to watch, but yet again: one episode and I was hooked.

I keep wondering to myself, what is the appeal?  But then I realize it has a little bit of everything (sex, drama, comedy, competition, reality) and a whole lot of nothing.  It’s just entertainment.  One of the guilty indulgences I mention in my About page.

So just to be on record: I like the figure skater, the pussycat doll (I surprised myself with this one), and the football player (although he’ll never win).  But all that might change by tomorrow.


One Response to “Dancing with the “Stars””

  1. […] with my summaries, I want to comment quickly on last night’s Dancing with the Stars.  In my summary of my impressions of the show, I wrote that I liked Evan Lysacek, the figure skater; Nicole Scherzinger, the pussycat doll; […]

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